Hungarian National Airline: Sólyom

Information about Sólyom

Sólyom Hungarian Airways is the new national airline of the Republic of Hungary founded in 2013 following the old national carrier Malév after its bankruptcy in March 2012. Since 1 and a half years there has been no Hungarian national airline operating. The only Hungarian airline during that time was Wizzair.

Flight routes of Sólyom Airlines

Up to this point of time there are no flight routes published however the management has stated in press conferences that there will be a few European cities among the routes to start with. Most likely Sólyom will fly the following routes:

  • Budapest - London & London - Budapest
  • Budapest - Paris & Paris - Budapest
  • Budapest - Berlin & Berlin - Budapest
  • Budapest - Rome & Rome - Budapest

Furthermore as Sólyom is backed by investors from the Middle East there will also be routes to destinations in the East of Hungary such could be for example:
  • Budapest - Dubai & Dubai - Budapest
  • Budapest - Moscow & Moscow - Budapest
  • Budapest - Abu Dhabi & Abu Dhabi - Budapest
  • Budapest - Athens & Athens - Budapest

Sólyom Ailines in the press

Since the announcement of Hungarians new national carrier there are articles, speculations and even images popping up every hour. Here is a little collection of press articles from the past weeks:
Hungarian articles:

International press:

How to pronounce "Sólyom"?

Sólyom is the Hungarian word for Hawk. In Hungarian language the letter "S" is pronounced "Sh" and the letter combination "ly" pronounced "J". Therefore Sólyom is not pronounces as "Soljom" but "Shojom" whereas the first "O" is longer than the second one.

Listen to the pronunciation here: